All Black Panerai Ceramics 438 Best Replica Watches

Panerai Ceramics 438 Best Replica Watch

Speaking of watches with special materials, we may think of titanium alloys, bronze, cast carbon, etc., but I think most people think of ceramics as the first material. In addition to its light weight, ceramics have a delicate texture, are resistant to light scratches, and do not fade (even if they are drawn deep, he is still black, and the ground particles are black). Panerai watches are mostly belt-based, and there are very few steel-belt versions of the watches, let alone watches made of ceramics such as 438. This is the only watch in Panerai's entire collection that uses all ceramic designs.

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If you only look at the watch head, Panerai 438 is almost the same as the new ceramic 441. The main difference is the difference between the movement and the strap. The most Panerai 438 replica watch is molded with genuine products. 44mm, the whole table weight is a little over two hundred grams, which is exactly the same weight as the genuine Panerai 438. This weight is much lighter than steel belt watches, which is the role of ceramic materials. The touch texture is delicate, it can prevent light scratches, and it will not fade, even if it is ground into powder, it is black.

To say that the strongest version of the Panerai 438 market is the VS factory. VS Factory is a factory that only makes panerai clone watches (previously known as KW). The first panerai replica watches that withdrew at the end of 2016, with the stable movement of time in the replica watches industry. The VS factory solved the embarrassing situation of recognizing at a glance for many years. In the past, the movement was at 11 o'clock position of the Tianjin movement cruise ship and the 11 o'clock position of the Shanghai movement. The 9001 movement is the same as the original 7 movement balance wheel. From then on, my mother no longer has to worry about the embarrassing situation where it looks very fake, The best replica watches in the world

The best replica panerai 438 V2 watch, specific upgrade details are as follows:

1. Movement: V1 black armor + 441 white movement V2 upgrade all black movement;
2. Function: V2 upgrade is the same as the original when adjusted separately;
3. The movement adopts a new process: each part is disassembled separately for vacuum ADLC amorphous diamond carbon coating, which really does not oxidize & fade
4. The screw hole position of the movement: more than 95% closer to the original;
5. Super Luminous: Luminous effect is closer to the original.

Panerai Ceramics 438 Best Replica Watch weighs approximately 208-210 grams, a ceramic strap is approximately 80 grams, and the weight of the head is approximately 128-130. (I want to remind you here, because the disassembly process is more complicated; friends with no experience, please use special tools to disassemble under the guidance of professionals. normal work.)

Panerai Ceramics 438 Best Replica Watch is detachable with the original rim, the only detachable rim on the market. After disassembling, you can see a black waterproof ring, which is a key part for waterproof. Both the positive and negative mirrors are sapphire mirrors. The hardness of sapphire raw materials is second only to diamonds, reaching Mohs nine hardness, and diamonds are tenth. Theoretically, it will never wear out unless it is subjected to intense external rubbing. The entire mirror surface of the watch is very translucent and clear, and the deep black dial also gently matches the case material with a layer of matte texture. Friends who disassemble and play by themselves should pay attention to this waterproof ring, and then install it and remember to apply waterproof glue. The back of the bottom cover is also engraved with a very neat, unobstructed SWISS MADE consistent with the original. None of these details VS Factory are ignored. Visible intention! Each movement part is vacuum-plated with the same process as the V6 black balloon ADLC diamond carbon coating. The automatic rotor can see the light matte texture. This plating process can be said to be the most stable in electroplating, and it is not easy to fade and oxidize. Very sophisticated.

Panerai's full range of watches are mainly made of leather belts. Steel strap watches are very rare. Not to mention watches made with ceramic materials such as PAM438. PAM438 is the only watch in the Panerai series that uses all-ceramic design. So these 438 are very representative. For some watch friends who like hardcore Panerai style watches, you are not eligible to miss it!

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